Photoshop Tutorial: Gradient

This is a cool way to use the gradient tool. It’s pretty sweet…

#1: Open the image1#2: Duplicate the background (this is for your own good-actually it’s always best to work in layers)2#3: Desaturate the image3#4: Adjust the brightness/contrast to have dark and light. Less gray is better (but I have some in this one)4#5: Adjust levels if you want. Curves are a good idea too.5 #6: Choose the gradient tool6 #7: Choose one. Or make one.7 #8: Drag on the image in any direction (make a line). Longer lines have smoother transitions from color to color; short ones are sharp.8 #9: Choose one of the blending modes and adjust the opacity9 10 Done!SAMSUNGVariation- I did everything the same except I also adjusted the curves and chose my own colors SAMSUNGThis might be a common way to use it. This is how I learned it…Anyway enjoy 🙂